About Us

Did you ever dream of owning high fashion and luxury goods? Do you still wish to own a Louis Vuitton or gucci handbag but find that no matter what you do they are always out of reach? Do you covet your friends purchases and wonder how they managed to afford a designer handbag?

Well the secret is out and you’ve just discovered it!

www.ebuytobags.com was created by a team with a passion for high fashion and we have been designing replica designer handbags for the past 10 years.

In order to create near identical Louis Vuitton replica bags (and many more designers) authentic bags are purchased from the official designer boutiques and are then studied and taken apart, piece by piece by our talented team of craftsmen. This ensures that our replica bags are almost identical to the originals and the differences are so small that no-one, not even trained store assistants, can tell the difference.

Our Louis Vuitton replica bags are so real that not even your local LV vendor will notice the difference with the authentic LV bags

To give you a genuine experience of purchasing a designer bag we also provide dust bags, rain covers, certificates and copies of real receipts so you really get the whole designer experience.

We pride ourselves on our wide variety of designers and styles, everything from limited editions to first editions, in original colours and colours that we know you want. We are also confident that we have the widest range of designers available and if you can’t see what you are looking for, just ask. We will do our best to get it for you.

Lastly and most importantly, when you purchase a replica bag from www.ebuytobags.com you can be confident of the quality. We pride ourselves on providing 7 star mirror image replica handbags made from premium materials and workmanship... no wonky labels or stitching from us, it simply wouldn’t pass our quality inspection.


We guarantee it.

Why buy from us?

You will never find an authentic designer handbag on the internet except at www.ebuytobags.com.

There is no such thing as authentic wholesale Louis Vuitton or 'sell off's' or 'end of season sales'?. Also, most of the LV NEW items you see on Ebay are not authentic. There is no such thing as LV closeouts or wholesale. Nor, is there such thing as store bankruptcy.  Authentic Louis Vuitton items are sold for the same prices in ANY country, in selected stores (not just any boutique) for the same price. You can NOT buy authentic Louis Vuitton for less than the prices at your local boutique . If you are looking for authentic Louis Vuitton please visit your local boutique. However, if you believe that spending $700 on a handbag or $400 on a wallet is outrageous, you have come to the right place. We are here to serve your fashion needs at much lower prices!

Why not buy from another site with cheaper prices

Our competitors will often sell items at seemingly cheaper prices than we do. Many of these cheaper bags are manufactured with man-made leather and cheap hardware. Many of these sites do not have photos of their items! They just steal their photos from websites. How are you supposed to see what you are buying?

Unlike many of our competitors we provide detailed photos of our products which are taken professionally by our staff. We frequently receive emails asking if the photos are of authentic bags when in fact they are the replica bags that we sell.

You will notice that we have a limited supply of items. This is one drawback of selling the best quality; it is hard to manufacture. Other sites have every style imaginable because they sell products of an inferior quality. Many styles are not available as good replicas so they will send you cheap, "street quality" items that cost $10 and do not look authentic at all. REMEMBER, our policy is quality and never quantity. We take the time to check every bag and make sure it is the best quality possible and free of defects before shipping it to your door. We also use actual cushioning for your items. You will be surprised at how many companies just throw your items into a box and send them (or in many cases not send them at all). We have to wrap each item individually with plastic and bubble cushioning. All of these factors contribute to our higher prices but we strive to give the best service.

Thank you,

Best Regards